Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The brainchild of Walter Ott, it is the purest gold coin of regular issue in the world, with a gold content of .9999 millesimal fineness (24 carats). That is, it contains virtually no base metals at all – only gold exclusively from gold mines in Canada. Coins minted between 1979 and 1981 have gold content of .999. The coin was first introduced in 1979. At that time, the only available bullion coin was the Krugerrand, which was not widely available because of an economic boycott of apartheid-era South Africa. The coin is guaranteed to contain the stated amount (in troy ounces) of .9999 fine gold (24 carat). The coins have legal tender status in Canada, but as is often the case with bullion coins, the face values of these coins are purely symbolic and are much lower than their true value.


Designer: Walter Ott
Gross Weight: 31.033 grams
Net Weight: 1 troy ounce Gold
Composition: .99999 fine gold
Diameter: 30 mm
Minted: 1979 – Present